Who needs a law-abiding nation? Who needs modesty? Who needs innocence when it's a whole lot more fun to get nasty! That's what these babes think, and their actions speak for themselves! Police whores have sworn their oaths, but they're the last things coming through their minds as they patrol the streets... They're looking for someone to behave bad so that they could punish him the right way! They'll fuck his brains out, and that's how justice will be served! Sweet, sweet punishment...

  Arresting criminals has always been my favourite part. Especially bad girls. I can't help it. I just love handcuffing them. I had a nice chance to have fun last Tuesday arresting Shannon-one of the royal-pain-in-the-ass drug dealers. As I brought her to the police station I was so hot for some wild action I was almost losing control over myself. So I took her to one of the cells and... Well, she's got a gorgeous body, and I was so willing to deliver justice to it! I took off her t-shirt first and started working up her nipples with my high heels... Geez, was she moaning with pain and pleasure! But that was just the beginning of it...

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Seeing her great body the police officer got really hot and bothered. He felt his huge cock go up under his pants, and there was hardly anything he could do about it. As he was checking the suspect for drugs, he stood so close to her she surely felt his dagger rubbing against her ass. She started moving back and forth encouraging him to take more action. He knew he was on duty. He knew she might try to get away. But his nature took over common sense... So he found another way of serving justice...

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  "You're supposed to be 21 to drink this" - he said strictly taking out a note pad. "I know, I know. But maybe we could settle this"-she said looking at the police officer playfully. She started unzipping his pants without a single word. He wasn't surprised. It seemed like he expected something of the kind from this teen babe. He just stood there and waited for her to do something. She didn't waste her time. Getting down on her knees she took his cock into her little mouth and started sucking...

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